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Celebrating Milestones • Building Self Esteem • Being Part of the Community

Seniors by Hudson’s understands that families of children with special needs have different challenges than typical families. They live with different needs and priorities such as numerous Dr. appointments, school meetings, and just day-to-day survival. These inspiring families can feel isolated when they don’t pictures have of their children playing a sport, learning to drive, or going to Homecoming. These are all important milestones that need to be celebrated during their Senior’s year.

All families enjoy sharing beautiful photographs of their children but it’s harder for families with special needs to find a photographer that can capture the true essence of their child. Having a portrait created that you’re proud of builds self-esteem not only with a High School Senior but their family as well

Ethan’s Story – Class of 2017

“I’m not sure how I was lucky enough to come upon Bruce and his team when it was time for my son’s senior portrait. My son has autism and for the first time in his life, someone was able to capture a natural, beautiful image of him. I can not even convey how important this has been for his self-esteem. Since my son processes information visually, having an accurate picture of him looking at the camera and smiling easily gave him a true sense of how others see him and increased his own self-awareness. So I want to thank Bruce not only for the amazing senior portrait but more so for the gift of self-esteem for my son! Thank you, Bruce!”
– Billie Otter

Dakota’s Story – Class of 2013

We have known Bruce Hudson for over 34 years.  We first met him and his late wife Sue at a bridal show at the South Center Mall in 1987. We chose them out of it seemed like hundreds of other photographers the moment we met them.  We knew at that moment this man was going to be the one to document our future family’s history throughout the years. And he has… from our engagement, to our wedding, from our three children’s infancy through graduations, and our nearly life size treasure, our family portrait from Cannon Beach.

But, I have to say the images we are most impressed with is the one’s that he took of my son throughout his life. My husband and I were blessed with a beautiful son 26 years ago, his name is Dakota.  He was born with the gift of autism. Although it has been such an amazing journey to have an autistic son, along with it comes a few challenges, one of which is capturing his beautiful face in a photo. As soon as Dakota would even see a camera his eyes would begin to nervously flutter open and close at lightening speed making it almost impossible to ever get a good shot without his eyes closed and a grimace on his face. Except if he saw (uncle) Bruce at the other end of the lens. Bruce always had a way about him that seemed to soothe and relax Dakota and was able to get that perfect, beautiful shot. He has captured the best of Dakota over the years and I thank him with all my heart for having the patience, the kindness, and the talent to do what no other photographer has ever been able to accomplish, taking a picture of Dakota with a beautiful smile on his face and his eyes wide open.

Some of the best portraits of Dakota came from his High School Senior graduation session with Bruce. Bruce and his staff took the time to make Dakota feel comfortable and that the experience was all about him. I’ve never see Dakota’s self esteem at a higher level!

Bruce Hudson has literally captured the history of my precious family for over 34 years and I look forward to the many years to come when I can add Bruce’s new masterpieces of our grandchildren to our walls. Thanks to Bruce, his staff, and family for preserving our family memories and creating our family heirlooms!

– Lori Fietz

We’d love to create some amazing Senior Portraits and a memorable Experience!

Over the years, we’ve been approached by numbers of parents of special needs Seniors that are frustrated. They’ve been told by countless photographers that they don’t have the confidence or knowledge to work with their child. Can you imagine hearing those words when you’re wanting the best experience for your Senior? These parents share the words- “Isolated, Devastated, Just Not fair”!

At Hudson’s, our goal is to be able to communicate clearly with the parents and their child. This communication allows the parents to step back, trust us in our process, relax and enjoy the experience! We provide our parents with a checklist of questions that helps us understand the Seniors’ needs and helps the family prepare for the session. 

Call us or text us @206-226-2119

we are ready to work with you and your Senior to create the best Photographs ever! Guaranteed!



Many parents don't know where to start when looking for photographers. Some seniors are super excited about being photographed, some not so much. Seniors By Hudsons takes the time to help parents develop a game plan for photographing their senior that focuses on their personality, interests, and passions.

Our goal is for you the parent, to feel confident because you understand and are involved in the process. Your Senior is going to have an amazing and memorable experience. They will come away with the feeling that 'it's all about them', and have the best photographs they ever had taken. Guaranteed!